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Special cabinets

A-200 automatic blast cabinet for cheese knifes

A-200 blast cabinet for cheese knifes

Automatic blasting and blowing off in one cabinet

A-200 Automatik Strahlkabine für Lampenschirme

A-200 blast cabinet for lampshades

Automatik blasting and blowing off in one cabinet

Blast Cabinet for Pans

A-200 blast cabinet for pans

A-200 automatic blast cabinet for pans

Long blast room cabinet

BNP 220 Tripple blast cabinet

Continous blast cabinet with roller track

BNP 721 Strahlkabine vergrößert

BNP 721 modified blast cabinet

Enlarged blast cabinet with powered turntable

BNP 721 Strahlkabine mit angetriebenem Drehteller

BNP 721 with powered turntable

BNP 721 blast cabinet with powered turntable

Blast cabinet with special safety equipment

BNP blast cabinet with autmated load- and unload process

Blast cabinet with automatic turntable and door function

blast cabinet edge blasting

Blast Cabinet for Edges

Automatic blast cabinet for steel profiles

Aircraft parts blast cabinet

Blast cabinet for aerospace parts

Large blast cabinet with three work places


Blast cabinet for solar panels

Modified BNP 721 blast cabinet for blasting solar panels

Strahlkabine mit 6 Injektorstrahlpistolen

Blast cabinet with 6 injector nozzles

Increased injector blast performance due to several blast nozzles

Strahlkabine mit Kranführung

Blast cabinet with crane slot

Blast cabinet with slot for external crane rail for workpiece handling


Decontaminationblast cabinet

Abrasive blasting of decontaminated workpieces

Blast cabinet for denim jeans

Denim jeans blast cabinet

Modified BNP 601 blast cabinet for manual blasting of denim jeans.

Cabine de sablage avec convoyeur à rouleaux

Pass-Through Blast Cabinet

Blast cabinet with roller conveyor for long workpieces

Strahlkabine Extruder Schnecken Strahlen

Pulsar III DS Extruder Blasting

Modified Pulsar III cabinet for extruder parts blasting

Pulsar VI with 6 blast guns

Pulsar VI PLUS for car parts

Blast cabinet for brake and clutch plates

Universal-Strahlkabine Druck und Injektor

Pulsar VI PLUS pressure- and suction blast cabinet

Pressure- and Injector blasting in one universal blast cabinet

Pulsar Strahlkabine mit Rollenband

Pulsar VI PLUS roller conveyor

Pulsar VI PLUS blast cabinet with turntable and roller conveyor extension

Glasplatten Strahlkabine

Pulsar VI blast cabinet for glas plates

Modified Pulsar VI blast cabinet with support for glas plates

Scaffolding blast cabinet

Scaffolding blast cabinet

Scaffolding blast cabinet for poles and platforms

Stone slab blast cabinet

Stone Slabs Blast Cabinet

Blast cabinet even with ground for stone slabs

Titan blast cabinet

Titanium blast cabinet

Automatic blast cabinet for titanium parts