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Pulsar cabinet series

The Pulsar blast cabinet, frequently referred to as a sandblast cabinet, is our compact cabin that offers complete blasting equipment in very little space. The system contains a blast machine as well as an integrated abrasive cleaning system and a cartridge filter. All common blast media can be used in the blast cabinet, which makes it suitable for all blasting work. The components in the cabin are coordinated to minimise the use of air and blast media, and recycling the blast media makes blasting extremely economical. Thus the Pulsar blast cabinet offers all the components of large, industrial- use blast rooms and makes them available for smaller to medium blasting work. The compact design also allows great flexibility at the installation site. The blast cabinet is designed so that only side access is required for production and maintenance. The large vacuum in the blast cabinet and its high-quality construction prevent dust from escaping during blasting, and an integrated blow-off nozzle allows the machined workpieces to be cleaned before removal, thus providing clean work.

Different options for the sandblasting system, such as an infeed support frame with rotary plate or a lock for the door, provide great flexibility in the use of the cabin. Furthermore, our engineers can make additional modifications to the standard product, so that each customer receives the optimal solution.

The cabin is available in two systems. Equipped with a pressure blast pot, the blast cabinet offers a lot of power and all the benefits of pressure blasting. As this is an injector system, the blasting requires less air consumption, which is particularly advantageous for thin and delicate workpiece materials.