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Blast Cabinet

This high quality brand belongs to the product group “blast cabinets”. Clemco’s blast cabinets are suitable for the processing of small to medium sized workpieces. The environmentally-friendly blasting within a cabinet ensures high efficiency and safe work conditions.


The Pulsar VI / VI PLUS is a compact cabinet made of robust steel panel, including all accessories, which are needed for an efficient and save blast process. The Pulsar series includes an integrated and harmonized blast media recycling system and cartridge filter unit. With the recycling of the blast media, the blast process is very economic. The full advantage out of the media lifetime will be taken and only high quality media with abrasive effect hits the surface of the workpiece. This also has an influence on the surface that is blasted and the quality of your work, only good blast media can create good results. A huge variety of optional accessories will make the Pulsar VI even more suitable for any special requirements and serve deeply individual solutions; no matter if turntable or loading truck for heavy and bulky workpieces.

The Pulsar PLUS edition is equipped with two filter cartridges for better handling of jobs that cause high dust load. High dust is produced for example on the workpiece itself or by long service hours per day.   

Depending on your needs, the Pulsar VI and the Plus version can be ordered as powerful pressure- or air saving suction system.

Area of application

Pulsar VI: for standard use

Pulsar VI PLUS: for dusty processes

cleaning, deburring

refining, roughening

Total dimension: W x H x D *

1355 x 2100 x 1820/1930 mm

Weight *

580/610 kg

Blast room dimension: W x H x D *

1290 x 1150 x 1020

(Clear) door dimension: W x H *

940 x 975

Tank capacity


Abrasive media

for every current media

Blasting pressure

0 < > 7 bar

Operating temperature

15°C < > 30°C

Electrical specification


Space requirements *

10m² (cabinet, loading truck, filter, cyclone, pot, working area)


steel grit only with optional 2,2kW motor


blast cabinet

blast machine (40l)

abrasive media recovery system (cyclone)

cartridge filter (dust filter)

optional attachments

* +/- Values, may differ depending on configuration, arrangement and function.

Pulsar VI/VI PLUS  Blast Cabinet
Pulsar VI/VI PLUS  Blast Cabinet