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Injector blasting 

Effective portable blasting systems

Clemco injector technology provides robust blast pressure despite low air consumption through finely-tuned components assembled with skillful technical knowledge. The injector blast equipment offers considerable surface coverage and long-lasting power, while keeping the operation highly mobile and as simple as possible.


Injector Blasting

Optimized efficiency 

Peak performance
«Injector blast technology provides maximum power despite low air volume. It is this principle upon which Clemco brand injector blast systems are designed»

Injector blast systems use the siphon principle, rather than pressurized air, to move the abrasive media. The compressed air is mixed with the abrasive inside the injector gun and accelerated through the nozzle via the expansive Venturi effect, achieved by precise constriction of airflow before the nozzle. By optimizing the dimensions of the injector gun, Clemco has succeeded in producing a high-powered blast product that consumes a minimal amount of compressed air.

The robust, durable and low-maintenance injector systems from Clemco are among the best, most competitively-priced solutions on the market. They are well-suited to the following applications:

  • Small-volume production blasting
  • Sensitive surfaces and thin-walled materials
  • Light to heavy contamination and corrosion

Thanks to a hardy and compact system design, the lightweight injector blast pistol can be easily moved, easily set up, and easily used. It is the ideal tool for mobile applications and touch up work.

Injector Blasting

An endless number of applications


  • Difficult to access and stationary parts
  • Light to medium corrosion or contamination
  • Spot blasting and small-scale cleaning of large products
Injector Blasting

System components

Injector Blasting