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Global –

Everywhere and always there

Over the past 65 years, Clemco has developed a global network of manufacturing sites, offices, stocking distributors and dealers to provide our customers with reliable products, service and support. Today, Clemco is proud to be the largest air-powered abrasive blast equipment supplier in the world with a commitment to our customers that remains unchanged year after year.

Loyal –

Integrity and Respect

Clemco bases its business on long-time relationships with distributors and customers, and we maintain these relationships through trust, commitment and dependability.

Enduring –

Capable and Consistent

Clemco employs the finest in engineering expertise and safety compliance to provide effective, durable and high-performance abrasive blast, containment and safety products. With decades of experience and dedication to innovation, Clemco continues to set the standard in blast equipment worldwide.

Growth Timeline Growth Timeline

The industry leader –

Clemco sets the standard

From its beginnings in 1941 as the Clementina Company, a San Francisco - based equipment-rental enterprise, Clemco has developed into a worldwide manufacturer of the best abrasive-blasting machinery in the industry. With a constant emphasis on quality, safety and continuous improvement, Clemco sets the performance standard for abrasive blasting around the globe.

Keeping pace with the progression of industry, Clemco consistently offers high-performance solutions to its customers. We provide engineered solutions tailor-made to a wide range of surface treatment needs: preparation, cleaning, peening and finishing.

Maritime Supply and Service

Due to its strategic position on the Pacific coast,  a sharp increase in shipbuilding and maintenance, both military and commercial, emerged in the San Francisco, California Bay Area. In response to this ripe business opportunity, Clementina began building and supplying pressure blast vessels to the docks. This new type of surface prep technology quickly became popular, prompting the company to market these vessels under a new brand name, “Clemco“.


The Clementina Co. is founded, as an equipment rental company


First blast machine built in San Francisco, California

Infrastructure Expands

The decade of the 1950’s saw massive expansion of roadways, railways and bridges in both the USA and Europe. The expansion of oil exploration and refinment came with its own challenges, among them, corrosion. With the construction of these new channel of commerce, transportation and oil, abrasive blasting occupied a prominent role and still does to this day.


First overseas activity, through Hodge Clemco, UK

Changes in Manufacturing

Throughout the 60’s, the technology and processes used in manufacturing became more complex and efficient. Recognizing this improvement in quality and procedure, Clemco expanded its product line from portable equipment to blast cabinets and industrial blast systems.


First overseas office established, Clemco Europe BV, Netherlands


Added equipment line and facilities for manufacturing industrial-caliber blast equipment

The Evolution of Safety Standards

In the 1970’s, the standard for industrial safety and maintenance developed rapidly.  The passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) resulted in the formation the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Already an industry leader in safety and protection, Clemco maintained its total compliance to all new safety and health directives, paving the way for a new standard in abrasive blast safety.


Overseas companies are consolidated into Clemco International Inc

Aircraft Maintenance

In the 1980’s, the aviation industry began searching for alternatives to chemically stripping paint from aircraft and sought new equipment to aid this process. The technology of dry stripping of aircraft and other lightweight surfaces with specialized blast media was developed in response to this new demand, a technology rapidly adopted by the US Air Force and others around the world.


Aerolyte non-aggressive media blasting product line developed


ZERO cabinet blasting product line acquired; manufacturing expanded


As communications technology improved, enhancing the ability of global companies to coordinate, expand and interact, an increasing need for infrastructure and energy to support this new boom followed. As oil drilling, gas extraction, power transmission and cargo shipment swelled and diversified, abrasive blasting had to evolve in tandem. This new, global and dynamic economy demanded new and sophisticated blast technology, calling for fully-controlled and automated blasting, specialized non-aggressive medias and contained, closed-circuit blasting, keeping pace with a changing world economy.


Clemco Industries establishes Washington, MO as its new US manufacturing base


Clemco International establishes new manufacturing base in Sopron, Hungary

Green Energy

As awareness of climate change and limited energy supply became more evident, industries expanded their methods of generating energy from diverse sources, such as wind, water and sun. This new energy-creating machinery required protection for long-term durability, and the role abrasive blasting plays is critical, providing the first steps in assuring reliability and consistent performance of alternative energy generating machinery.


Munkebo A/S is acquired, expanding Clemco’s product line and manufacturing

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Innovation Innovation

Global outlook

Clemco continues to respond to the challenges and changes of markets worldwide. Clemco engineers produce new technical developments and state-of-the-art solutions for a constantly changing worldwide industry. As the global economy continues to grow, connect and evolve, Clemco keeps pace, offering new and innovative products while maintaining the highest standards in safety and quality.

Energy –

To support the global need for all sources of energy generation, transmission, processing and maintenance.

Transportation –

 To manufacture state of the art equipment, containment and safety solutions for the transportation, shipping and infrastructures of the world.

Safety and Protection –

To continue providing safe, environmentally-friendly options to all global industries, and to promote the reduction of hazardous, wasteful surface treatments in favor of clean, contained abrasive blasting.

Engineering Performance Engineering Performance

Engineering Performance

Values and quality

Clemco has the most expansive product line of any blast equipment manufacturer and maintains the highest quality standards worldwide. Clemco products are built to precise and consistent tolerances, supported by our long-standing relationships with suppliers who share our commitment to quality. Clemco equipment is first and foremost designed with performance and productivity in mind. Blasting with Clemco equipment achieves its purpose in less time and with greater results than blasting with any other brand. Clemco demands of itself attention to detail, creative innovation and a commitment to continued development and research. Our careful selection of raw materials and refined manufacturing processes has brought abrasive wear to equipment in the field to a minimum, providing our customers with durable, long-lived products. Clemco‘s objective is the careful combination of performance, reliability, innovation, and this objective is reflected in every detail of our products and corporate culture.

Experience and capability

Clemco is a multi-generational company, dedicated to ensuring that a deep knowledge of the industry is passed down from one generation to the next. The vital inter-disciplinary knowledge possessed by Clemco‘s highly-trained engineers and staff is the foundation of our ability to meet the global challenges of the future. As the world continues to innovate and develop, Clemco’s wide range of products will continue to  be improved and refined to meet every challenge the future has to offer.

Research and industrial knowledge

Clemco‘s painstaking compliance with international guidelines continues to push us to explore new product features and benefits. Clemco‘s development team is constant in its research of all new market information; addressing customer needs in a timely fashion and in a manner that balances performance and compliance, while accounting for all application specifics and variables.

Worldwide Worldwide

Unique partnership –

Worldwide and close-knit

The Clemco organization is characterized by a highly-developed yet close-knit structure. Each international subsidiary blends the voices of both youth and experience. Clemco pays particular attention to promotion based upon ability and thorough education of its younger staff; the volume of knowledge resident at Clemco can only be obtained in the field.

Unique consulting –

Reliable and Capable

Clemco is proud of its trained, experienced and capable network of distributors and dealers. These independent companies provide local support in the form of information, technical advice and service to our mutual customers  Many of Clemco‘s standard products and parts are stocked locally by these distributors. In the case of large industrial projects, the planning, development and implementation phases are managed in concert with these Clemco distributors. Our distributors are important members of the Clemco team. We rely upon them to advise, service and support our customers in every way possible.

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