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Non-aggressive blast systems 

Treatment for highly delicate surfaces

For aerospace and other industries, surface treatment has to fulfill the highest safety standards. Clemco systems have proven to be an economic, effective, and versatile solution – particularly in this specific area. Specialized lightweight media is used for stripping, cleaning, and deburring delicate metals and composites gently, precisely, and quickly, and quickly, safely for the operator and the environment.


Non-aggressive blast systems

Innovative technology –

Offering many benefits
  • ideal for delicate metals and composites
  • preferred method for aerospace industries
  • complies with the highest safety requirements
  • extremely gentle and effective
  • allows precise control
  • short processing time
  • high level of efficiency
  • customized automated solutions
  • wide variety of systems

First developed by Clemco for dry stripping aircraft, the use of non-aggressive media with specialized blast equipment is now recognized as the ideal method for removing aircraft and specialized paint, de-flashing plastics, removing excess adhesive and overspray, treating wood surfaces and smoke damage, cleaning aluminum, and performing other maintenance and manufacturing processes. Today, Clemco dry stripping facilities are in use by hundreds of military and commercial operations worldwide.

Clemco technology utilizes non-aggressive such as baking soda, wheat starch, plastic, or walnut shell to safely remove coatings five times faster than dual action sanders, with no risk of gouging, rounding corners, or damaging delicate surfaces.

The ideal alternative to chemical stripping, dry stripping eliminates worker exposure to toxic substances, minimizes disposal costs of hazardous material, and is the only stripping solution for modern composite aircraft materials, which cannot be treated with chemicals.

Non-aggressive blast systems

Measurable cost savings –

Due to efficient media recycling

In a dry strip booth, a Clemco recovery system captures the dry stripping media, separates it from the paint chips or other debris and dust, and then makes it available for reuse. A dust collector traps the dust and broken media for disposal. Clemco equipment systems return more and cleaner media to the blast machine than any other dry stripping system. This efficiency of operation is the key to economical, safe, and effective dry stripping.

Non-aggressive blast systems

High capacity –

From proven standard and specific configuration

Clemco has furnished standards to hundreds of companies for a configurations variety of applications. Clemco dry stripping cabinets are built with proven technology and are available in a wide range of enclosure sizes. Standard models for single and dual operators let you tailor the system to fit your application and budget.

Non-aggressive blast systems

Improved performance –

With custom engineered automated systems

Designed for efficiency and economy, Clemco dry stripping equipment comprises self-contained installations, single and multi-station manual dry stripping cabinets, and a variety of automated systems for large scale production requirements. Complimentary sample processing in the Clemco lab is available to help refine customer process requirements, matching them to the equipment solution.


Individual solutions –

Tailored to every need

Complete custom engineered systems are available with partial or full floor recovery, multiple varieties of dust collectors, reclaimers of varying capacities and capabilities, load-rated floor gratings, blast machines sized to handle varying work loads, compressors, safety equipment and accessories. Specialized media separation including ferric material removal and vibratory classification can be added, as well as virtually any parts handling mechanism.

Non-aggressive blast systems

Simple assembly and easy installation –

for a complete solution

The Clemco preassembled dry strip room is a complete system that contains the dry strip process, offers efficient media stripping and recycling, and arrives with ready-to-connect components. The system features pneumatic M-section recovery and self-cleaning cartridge filters for a clean, efficient operation and quick recycling of all usable media. A HEPA filter is available as an option.

Non-aggressive blast systems

Clean workplace –

Due to mobile and closed circuit-system

Mobile dust-free blasting units are ideal for selective stripping systems jobs where containing the stripping media and dust is desired, keeping the workplace clean.

Non-aggressive blast systems

Small components –

Ideal processing quality in dry strip cabinets

For stripping small components quickly and easily, and available in several sizes, Clemco cabinets include the enclosure, pressure blast machine, reclaim unit, and a choice of dust collectors. A self-cleaning cartridge filters are also included, which keeps maintenance work low and reduces dust levels to a minimum, protecting employees and the environment. Optional HEPA filters are available.

Non-aggressive blast systems