Blast Pots

The Blast Pot, commonly also called sandblasting pot, is the heart of abrasive blasting with a pressure blast pot. The Clemco product range offers different blast pot sizes and versions so the best possible blast unit can be used for every application and environment, whether for stationary or portable use.

With both 20- and 40-litre pot sizes, we offer very compact and thus extremely portable sandblasting pots with a ½” pipe cross section that is perfectly suited for smaller jobs that need the sandblaster to be transported easily. For our larger blast pots, we use 1 ¼” pipe cross sections that have established themselves as the standard in terms of performance and mobility. Because of the larger pipe cross section, there is less pressure loss due to friction in the pipes. In this range, we offer blast pots between 50 and 300 litres, or our BIG Clem with 4500 litres that offers an extremely large blast media volume, for example.

All our blast pots are suited for the usual types of blast media and hence are used for a wide range of applications. We can offer appropriate solutions even for very fine blast media that often does not flow well. Generally speaking, abrasive blasting is referred to as “sandblasting”, but sand is no longer commonly used as the actual blast media for health reasons.

A question often asked regarding sand blasting has to do with the appropriate compressor so the blast pot can be used efficiently. Associating the correct compressor with the machine size is a frequent mistake, because the necessary compressor is based rather on the size of the respective nozzle and the corresponding air throughput. Therefore, it does not matter whether a 100- or a 200-litre blast pot is used for actual sandblasting. The same applies to the abrasive consumption. This is also not influenced by the blast pot, but to a large extent by the nozzle size and the blasting pressure.

Our blast pots are tested for proper functioning before they are delivered and can be used immediately upon delivery without the need for additional adjustments. Each blast pot receives a CE certificate, and thus meets the most recent standards. In the selection of materials, we place great importance on quality and a long service life. In order for our blast pots to remain in operation without greater investments, we also guarantee the supply of spare parts, whether they are to replace worn ball valves or individual parts of a valve.

When you choose one of our blasting systems, in addition to the blast machine, you will receive a complete system that contains the other equipment such as the hose, nozzle, and protective equipment. This is because our blasting systems are perfectly suited as first-time equipment packages so you do not have to worry about selecting the right package.

Blast Pots