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Blast Pot
SCWB-2452 (200 liter)

This high quality brand belongs to the product group “pressure blast systems”. Only the perfect configuration and match of all system components in a blast machine enable maximum blasting efficiency. Therefore Clemco offers an extensive and complete range of quality products.

Pressure Blast Systems
Blast Pot SCWB-2452 (200 liter)

The SCWB-2452 blast pot has a pot size of 200 liter, which is the perfect combination of mobility and performance. Due to its size, wheels and crane hooks it can be transported everywhere and serves with long blast duration at the same time. Different accessories, like specialized metering valves and water separator, are giving you a flexible choice to fit to your special needs and also to blast with different abrasive medias. With this flexibility, the blast pot can be adapted to every usage site and blast job that must be done with the blast performance you need. Moreover, the 200 liter blast pot can be used as a mobile unit or as a fixed installation for example in combination with an abrasive media silo in blast rooms.

Our expertise, that we have established over many years and our access to international resources, enable us to find the perfect solution for your special needs. Our blast pots and assembly parts are designed according to the latest blast branch guidelines, meet highest technical standards and also comply with every valid safety standard. The more than 70 years of experience also help you to get the maximum lifetime out of your blast pot by using special abrasive resistant piping parts and a guaranteed spare part supply for your blast pot.  

Area of application

Pressure blasting

Total dimension: W x H x D *

800 x 1450 x 850 mm


610 mm

Weight *

160 kg

Pipe diameter

1 1/4"

Maximum air pressure

12 bar

Abrasive media

suitable for every common media

Blasting pressure

0 < > 12 bar

Operating temperature

0°C < > 50°C


Open blasting

Fixed installation


depending on requirements

* +/- Values, may differ depending on configuration, arrangement and function.

Blast Pot  SCWB-2452 (200 liter)