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Industrial systems –

Controlled environments for premium blasting

Custom-designed blast rooms are the optimal solution for large workpieces. Clemco staff methodically works with each and every customer to determine their exact blast room equipment requirements. Using this data, Clemco engineers design a blast room tailored to every specific of the job, taking into account each consideration of safety, efficiency and performance. Clemco quality blast rooms set the industry standard worldwide, and every detail reflects this commitment.


Blast Room Model

Controlled blast environments 

for optimal production
«Clemco produces customized blast room equipment that combines all technical, safety and efficiency factors with high productivity, meeting any challenge in the blast industry»

For decades, Clemco has been designing and planning both mobile and stationary blast facilities for nearly every blast application worldwide. Our staff analyzes a customer‘s blast work process, local safety and environmental requirements and productivity needs, and incorporates all of the above into the perfect solution for the best price. Be it upgrading and improving an existing stationary or mobile blast system or designing one from scratch, Clemco will deliver a state of the art system tailored to any need.

We size and design our blast room components to correspond directly with the parameters of workpiece size, floor space, blast application, abrasive media, process integration and safety. Customized parts handling, automated blast options, ergonomic work stations and specialized media recycling are all available and can be built to suit any specific of the blast process. Dust collectors for combined paint and blasting, metallization, dehumidification, filtration and all other air process options are also available and can be incorporated however necessary to provide the cleanest blast facility in the market.

Blast Room Planning

Guaranteed cost reduction 

reliable and low-maintenance

The optimal way to blast is with the use of recyclable abrasive media, in the interest of safety, environmental protection and cost savings. Throughout its history, Clemco has designed products around the use of recyclable abrasives, with the goal in mind to keep the highest possible return of usable media to the blast pot while keeping the blast environment dust-free and safe. The mechanical and pneumatic abrasive transport systems available from Clemco provide a «closed-loop» blast process; collecting and disposing of dust, debris and worn media, while returning enormous volumes of clean abrasive quickly and reliably, providing a near-continuous blast cycle.

When designing a blast system, Clemco maintains a constant focus on a construction that is both wear-resistant and low-maintenance. Areas exposed to abrasive wear are built using extreme care, with materials selected for maximum abrasive resistance and lifetime, plus incorporating wear items that are easily replaceable. Wear points on abrasive media recovery systems are reinforced, storage silos and filtration systems sized exactly according to the abrasive, and all materials employed are of the highest possible safety rating and performance standard.

Blast Room Air Flow

Clean air blasting 

Ventilation and dust collection
«The basic requirement in a productive blast room is the precision and visibility that comes from ventilation and dust collection»

Clemco dust collectors are among the most effective on the market. All air is ventilated from the blast room at high speed, with the filtration unit removing virtually all dust particulate from the incoming air. Clean air is essential to good visibility and surface finish in a blast room, and with a ventilated environment an operator is guaranteed to deliver a high-quality blast profile. Safety is no less a factor in Clemco’s design of its dust collectors, with all safety parameters, clean-air requirements and environmental factors accounted for in construction and installation.

Blast rooms are outfitted with strong overhead or side lighting to im-prove visibility and are also outfitted with rubber wall curtains to protect the blast enclosure from abrasive wear. Additional safety measures such as emergency exits, alarms and automated shutoff systems are included as standard by Clemco.

Blast Room Interior

Simple components 

Combined specifically for each project

Clemco offers a wide range of different blast room equipment and mobile recovery components that can be used in any number of combinations to suit a vast spectrum of applications. The illustrated modules are examples of the different components that can be built into a wide selection of complex industrial systems to suit any customer’s needs.

Clemco staff will combine the best possible options for customer’s needs and ensure that performance, cleanliness and cost are constantly kept to the best possible level.

Each individual component, from the high-powered abrasive recovery system, media recycling unit, dust collector, and dehumidifier to the blast machine, performs at a peak level of technical precision and efficiency. Clemco products are enriched by decades of experience in the blast industry and are continually examined for compliance with all directives as well as performance factors and innovation potential.

Combined in optimal configurations, each industrial blast system meets each and every challenge of top-tier environmental protection, cost efficiency and industrial performance.

Blast Room Equipment

Closed cycle system components 

Stationary blast system components
Closed cycle blast system components

Unbegrenzte Mobilität 

für die weltweite Industrie
«Clemco ist die erste Wahl bei mobilen Strahlmittel-Rückgewinnungssystemen und bietet technologische Lösungen auf höchstem Niveau mit unbegrenzter Flexibilität für jede Baustelle und jeden mobilen Einsatz.»

Bei vielen großflächigen Objekten wie Brücken, Schiffen, Zügen, etc. muss das Strahlen direkt vor Ort erfolgen. Unter Einsatz der besten Techniker und Branchenkenner entwickelte Clemco jahrelang Strahl-, Strahlmittelrückgewinnungsanlagen und Sicherheitsausrüstung. Das gesamte Equipment entspricht allen Sicherheits- und Umweltschutzbestimmungen, ohne die hohe Leistungsfähigkeit und lange Haltbarkeit zu beeinträchtigen..

Clemcos mobile Strahlmittel-Rückgewinnungssysteme wurden für maximale Kompatibilität entwickelt. Die große Bandbreite flexibler Optionen bezüglich Rückgewinnungsrate, Strahlmittellagerung und Ventilation stellen sicher, dass Clemco für alle Arbeitsanforderungen die passende Lösung hat.

Leistungsfähige Entstaubungsanlagen sorgen für Arbeitsbereiche mit optimaler Belüftung und Sicht. Speziell auf die Standort-Anforderungen zugeschnitten, erfüllen diese Filteranlagen alle gesetzlichen Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsvorschriften. Durch die Reinheit des Arbeitsbereichs wird die Produktivität nachhaltig gesteigert.

Die Regelung und Kontrolle der Umgebungsfeuchte ist entscheidend für das Verhindern eines Korrosionsbefalls in der metallverarbeitenden Industrie. Unsere Entfeuchter sorgen für ein minimales Feucht-Niveau vor, während und nach dem Strahlprozess.

Mobile Strahlsysteme

Closed cycle system components 

Mobile blast tower system

The mobile recovery system can recover spent abrasive either during or after the blast process, and its closed-cycle process sharply reduces waste disposal and abrasive costs. The return on the investment in a mobile tower recovery system is usually achieved in a short frame of time and repeated many times over. The tower system can recover abrasive at the rate of up to 30 tons per hour and removes all abrasive contamination through high-efficiency recycling units. While providing this level of recovery speed and cleanliness, the tower system allows for simple operation and a minimum of long-term maintenance.

All components of the mobile systems are built into 10-foot container frameworks for easy transport and are equipped with lifting eyes and forklift pockets for easy site mobility.

Closed cycle system components - Mobile tower system