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Apollo 600 blast helmet

Blast helmet

The helmet, commonly referred to as a sandblasting helmet, is part of any standard protective equipment (PE) for operators, because it performs several functions at the same time. It not only protects against blast media rebound, but also supplies breathing air to the operator through a separate breathing air line. Therefore, it is even more important for us as a manufacturer to place special importance on quality and to provide a safe product, because the helmet is more than a simple blasting mask.

Our Apollo 100 and 600 helmets are state-of-the-art, both are compliant with the EN 14594 standard, and offer CE depending on the equipment. They include special safety couplings, which do not open even with strong pulling forces, as well as triple lenses that have been optimised for use in blasting operation. The lenses consist of a safety glass that protects against rebound and tear-away lenses that can be pulled off easily to ensure a clear view.

An integrated CO monitor (optional) always informs the operator whether the helmet has a supply of breathing air or weather there are problems with the breathing air supply. Every helmet is tested for proper functioning before it is delivered. The attached cape protects against the ingress of dust, as well as blast suit wear.