Blast Hose Fittings-
Couplings and nozzle holders

Clemco offers a comprehensive range of different blast hose fittings such as couplings and nozzle holders to fit common hoses and nozzles.

On the one hand, a hose coupling allows the blast hose to be extended as desired, and on the other hand, the coupling allows different hose diameters to be connected. But in both cases, attention must be drawn to the fact that a hose that is too long and the reduction of hose cross sections can impact the blasting performance, depending on the system and set-up. Our hose couplings are constructed in such a way that the cross section between the couplings is narrowed as little as possible or even not at all.

We place great importance on high-quality materials for our hose couplings. For example, our nylon couplings fit very snugly and are especially break-resistant. Perfectly fitting seals prevent air circulation, which contributes to the erosion of couplings, nozzle holders, and nozzles. Because of the simple claw system, the couplings are used easily as quick couplings, and the accompanying safety pin satisfies the safe handling requirements for hose connections.

Our nozzle holders are available for coarse threads as well as fine thread nozzles and cover all normal hose diameters. The nylon used makes the nozzle holders especially light, so they do not interfere with the work, but are still extremely tough. This material is widely accepted in the market. The screw system allows nozzles to be changed quickly so they can always be adapted to the respective blasting situation. But attention must always be given to the seal to ensure that it is intact and fits.  

Hose couplings and nozzle holders