Dust collector

A dust collector system is used to extract dust from the blast room and as a dust filter for contaminated air. In general, a dust collector is seen as a cost factor rather than considering the practical advantage. On the one hand, of course it serves to comply with applicable environmental regulations, but on the other hand, it ensures that clean air prevails in the blast room and that the operator can see well while working, so he can perform his work more effectively than if the blast room were filled with dust.

There are various filter sizes for a wide range of requirements in our product line. They range from small filter sizes, which are used as external extraction systems for a blast cabinet, to large filters with an air flow rate of up to 50,000 m³ per hour and 858 m² filter area with over 66 filter cartridges.

Through our subsidiary – Munkebo – we can provide the right filter for every application, especially in the field of large industrial plants. Here, Munkebo’s many years of experience in the field of filter technology play a key role so that a dust collection system can meet the special requirements of surface technology and the handling of different blast media and their characteristics.

The fan sizes are ideally matched to the respective filter area to generate an optimal vacuum that ensures trouble-free dust collection and purified exhaust air. Equally important for the selection of a suitable extraction system is to choose a size that fits the room. We at Clemco and Munkebo consider several parameters, the most important of which are the width and height of the room as well as the blast media used. Our proven calculation method determines the appropriate filter sizes in a way that makes economic sense.

But we do not offer dust collecting equipment only for stationary use. Our product line also includes solutions for portable use like on construction sites, for example. Portable dust filters offer the same performance as stationary filter systems, but also feature a special container design that provides extra protection against water and is easy to transport.

Dust collector