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BNP cabinet series

The BNP blast cabinets are characterised by their flexibility in terms of equipment as well as the installation of the cabin and its components. By separating the blasting equipment into a cabin, a blast pot with cleaning cyclone, and a cartridge filter, the cabin can be placed anywhere on the site where it is used. For example, it is also possible to place the filter in another room in order to operate it separately from the work area. All components can be moved by a pallet truck or a forklift.

The sandblast cabinet is available in various sizes and offers a maximum working space of 1750 x 1750 mm (L x W) with the BNP 721. This allows the BNP cabins also to be used for larger workpieces without having to install and operate an entire blast room. At the same time, the blast cabinet offers all the advantages of a large sandblasting system. All common blast media can be used and even heavy workpieces can be loaded easily into the cabin using an optional infeed truck.

The blast pot for the cabin is available both as a pressure blast pot and as an injector tank. Both systems offer advantages that are ideally suited for different applications. So pressure blasting can achieve the high performance that is necessary especially for multiple operators and heavily soiled surfaces. Injector blasting has its advantages due to less air consumption and applications that inherently do not require a lot of power, or over applications would only have a negative effect on the blasting result.