Operator protective

In addition to the actual results of the surface work, the protection of the user is the most important aspect that requires attention. In this respect, Clemco offers a wide variety of products in the range of operator protective clothing. In addition to an air-fed helmet, it is also important to wear a high-quality blast suit or blasting overalls with blaster trousers. Simple work clothes are able to withstand the special pressures of the blasting process only partially or not at all. Blasting clothing by Clemco is produced specially with leather, which is extremely resistant to blast media rebound and the effects of direct blasting. Our blast suits are available in a full leather version or in a combination of leather and cotton. In the combination, the leather part protects all areas that come into contact with blast media and the cotton content ensures the breathability of the suit to provide maximum comfort. We also offer a blast suit made entirely of cotton for ultimate comfort. It is highly breathable and thus suitable for warmer climates or lighter work. Leather blasting gloves complete the outfit and provide comprehensive protective equipment for the operator. Our blast suits are sealed so that no dust can get in.

Clemco operator protective clothing is produced according to current standards and is therefore also certified according to CE requirements. Thus, our blast protective clothing shows that comfort and protection do not have to be mutually exclusive. Even extra large sizes are included in our product line.

Operator protective clothing