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Blaster Suit
with Leather Trim

This high quality branded product belongs to the product group “operator protection”. The first priority is effective safety for operators. Productivity will increase, if operators feel more secure and comfortable. Clemco safety blast accessories protect the blast operator from excessive heat, cold, dust, and noise.

Values operator protection
Blaster Suit with Leather Trim

The blaster suit provides the blaster with complete protection during the blasting process. Thanks to its resistant leather front, it provides optimum protection against the abrasive and its rebound. The cotton part at the back increases the breathability of the suit. By using both materials, this suit offers not only protection, but also wearing comfort in one.

Clemco blasting suits are constructed as one-piece suits, like a blasting overall, so that abrasive media and dust can not penetrate. Additional closures on arms and legs allow each operator to individually close the overall.

We offer our blasting suits in different sizes and with 46 - 62 (XXXXL) the suitable size for every blaster.


EN ISO 14877

Blaster Suit  with Leather Trim