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Pulsar II
Compact Blast Cabinet

This high quality brand belongs to the product group “blast cabinets”. Clemco’s blast cabinets are suitable for the processing of small to medium sized workpieces. The environmentally-friendly blasting within a cabinet ensures high efficiency and safe work conditions.

Pulsar II Compact Blast Cabinet

The Pulsar II is the smallest compact cabinet of our product range. Despite its small size, the cabinet provides everything that is necessary for an efficient blast process and offers every advantage like our larger compact design cabinets. Furthermore, the Pulsar II comes with a height adjustment allowing sit or stand in front operation.

Depending on your needs, the cabinets can be ordered as pressure- or suction system.

Area of application

smaller blast processes

cleaning, deburring

refining, roughening

Total dimension: W x H x D *

1200 x 1550-1870 x 1420 mm

Weight *

350 kg

Blast room dimension: W x H x D *

910 x 965 x 700

(Clear) door dimension: W x H *

620 x 875 (eine Tür)

Tank capacity


Abrasive media

for every common media (grain < 0,8mm)

Blasting pressure

0 < > 7 bar

Operating temperature

15°C < > 30°C

Electrical specification



Steel grit


blast cabinet

blast machine (20l)

abrasive media recovery system (cyclone)

cartridge filter (dust filter)

height adjustable (1550mm - 1880mm)

optional attachments

* +/- Values, may differ depending on configuration, arrangement and function.

Pulsar II  Compact Blast Cabinet