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Strahlkabine für PfannenPan blast cabinet

A-200 blast cabinet
for pans


A-200 automatic blast cabinet to blast and blow off pans.

ApplicationAutomatic blasting and blowing off of pans with maximum 5kg in one cabinet
Equipment solutionPLC control panel
9 injector blast guns
Part HandlingThe workpieces will be fixed on a clamping fixture at the front of the cabinet. The fixture with the workpiece is automatically guided through the blast cabinet where it gets blasted by 9 blast guns and in a second champer it will also be blown off automatically. Afterwards the workpiece exits the chamber.
Application advantageAutomatic blasting and blowing off of the workpiece, while the operator is loading the clamping fixtures.
Production rate50 pans per hour
Abrasive mediaWhite Aluminum Oxide
Blast nozzle9x 9,5mm boron carbide injector nozzle
Media reclaimerCyclone with 1200cfm
Dust collectorMBX cartridge filter with 4 cartridges
Air requirements15m³/minute at 6 bar
Blast systemInjectorsystem
Electrical requirements400V/3/50Hz
6kW total consumption