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Blast Cabinet for EdgesStrahlkabine zum Kanten-StrahlenKantenstrahlkabineInnenraum KantenstrahlanlageSteel edge blasting cabinet

Blast Cabinet for Edges


Automatic blast cabinet with roller support for blasting of steel profile edges.

ApplicationEdge blasting of steel profiles
Equipment solution9 Injector blast guns
Roller support for workpiece guidance
Door gate with rubber curtain
Part HandlingThe workpieces will be guided through rubber curtains into the blast chamber (while doors are closed) and blasted automatically by nine blast guns. The cabinet can prepare surfaces up to SA 2.0 - 2.5.
Application advantageAutomatic blasting with closed, dustproof and compact cabinet for workpieces between 2.000 - 16.000mm and maximum weight of 2500kg.
Special OptionsEquipment is designed for 2 shift operation
Abrasive mediaMetallic blast media (Sablacier)
Media reclaimerCyclone cleaner
Dust collectorCartridge filter
Blast systemInjector