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Steinplatten StrahlanlageStone slab blast cabinet(2)

Stone Slabs Blast Cabinet


Modified blast cabinet with four workplaces and media recovery at ground level of cabinet via M-Section.

IndustryStone working
ApplicationManual pressure blasting of stone slabs in different sizes
Equipment solutionFour workplaces
Integrated media recovery in ground level (M-Section)
Cyclone with PU cover and Vortex pipe
SC-2040 (100l) blast pot with 60° cone and pressure regulator
Application advantageLarge blast room without hopper. Due to the four workplaces, the operator can reach all spots of the workpiece without movin it.
Machine size (in mm)6375 x 2100 x 3150 (LxWxH)
Abrasive mediaAluminum oxide
Media reclaimerM-Section with cyclone
Dust collectorMBX 2000/4 with 52m² filter area
Air requirements1,3m³ / min at 7bar with 4,5mm nozzle
Blast systemPressure blast system
Electrical requirements2,2 kW filter unit
3x 400V, 50Hz