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BNP Strahlkabine mit automatisiertem Be- und EntladeprozessStrahlkabine mit erweiterter Sicherheit

BNP blast cabinet
with autmated
load- and unload process


Modified blast cabinet with automatic turntable feeder and door function as well as extended safety arrangements.

ApplicationMould sand removal or for general application.
Equipment solutionAutomatic doors on both sides.
Automatic turntable feeder with track on both sides.
Additional safety device at the door- and loading area.
Part HandlingManual loading of the turntable by crane outside the cabin. Via the automatic turntable feeder and doors, the workpiece moves into the cabinet for blasting.
Application advantageIntegration into the production line.
Prescribed processes, e.g. cleaning of the workpiece.
Easy handling of heavy workpieces by the automatic turntable table feed.
Special OptionsAutomatic opening and closing of the doors, according to a defined process.
Automatic feed of the turntable into the blast cabinet.
Additional safety in the door area through emergency switch and protective guard.
Abrasive mediaSteel grit
Blast nozzle6,5mm silicate nozzle
Media reclaimerCyclone (900cfm)
Dust collectorMBX-2000/4 with 52m² filter area
Air requirements1,7 m³/min at 5bar
Blast systemPressure blast
Electrical requirements4 kW