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BNP 721 Blast cabinet with automatic turntableBNP 721 blast cabinet with powered turntableBNP 721 blast cabinet with powered turntableBNP 721 blast cabinet with powered turntable

BNP 721 with
powered turntable


BNP 721 blast cabinet with powered and modified turntable.

ApplicationBlasting of large workpieces that must be blasted from every side
Equipment solutionStandard BNP 721 base cabinet
Ø1500mm turntable, powered and at ground level of grating
Part HandlingThe workpieces can be loaded via crane on the turntable from outside of the cabinet and from there be transported in the blast cabinet. The workpieces are manually blasted, but rotated automatically by the powered turntable.
Application advantageHeavy workpieces can be handled in the blast cabinet very easy and the operator can reach every side of it.
Abrasive mediaevery common blast medias
Media reclaimer900 cfm cyclone and media silo
Dust collectorMBX cartridge filter
Blast systemPressure blast system
Electrical requirementsCartridge filter: 2,2 kW, 400V, 50Hz
Turntable: 0,37kW, 230/400V, 50Hz