Spotlight on for our Set Up Video

Set Up Guide for blast machines with equipment

The Clemco Set Up Guide does not replace the owner´s manual, but it helps you to visualize the steps that you need to do to get your blast pot and equipment running. The guide shows every step you need to do to run a Clemco blast system and it also provides useful hints for safe and economic blasting.

The video covers the equipment of our Blast System 7 which includes a 200l blast pot with remote control. Furthermore the system covers all the equipment from cover and sieve of the blast pot to the blast nozzle. 

Get in contact with us for your local distributor and your quote.


Spotlight - Blast Suits

Comfort and protection in one suit

The Clemco blast suits with leather trim follow all the current safety standards and with the categorization III of the Personal Protective Equipment regulation 2016/425 it follows the highest standards for abrasive blast equipment. The certification according to DIN EN ISO 14877:2003-01 meets the latest standard for operator safety clothing specialized for abrasive blasting operations using granular abrasives.

It is one of our highest motivations to ensure safe blast equipment for the operator and so Clemco puts a high effort in fulfilling current standards. To ensure maximum control we only cooperate with local German agencies for certification.

However, with the red cotton part on the backside we also guarantee comfort to the operator. The cotton ensures breathability and wearing comfort during intensive manual work. Sizes from 48 to 62 (XXXXL) ensures the availability of Clemco blast suits for every body size.

Get in contact with us or our local distributors and find out of our full product range for operator protection and other blast equipment.

Clemco Blast Suit with Helmet

Spotlight Apollo Blast Helmets

Trusted and reliable safety equipment

One of our highest goals - besides high blast performance - is the safety of every operator. With the Apollo blast helmets we offer a reliable blast helmet as basis of every personal safety equipment.

Dust proof design, multiple lens construction, air flow meter and a safety coupling system are just a few features that the Apollo helmets provide.

CE standard - with the correct set up provided - is a self-perception for us. We are constantly following up the latest international standards, no matter if documentation or technical specifications.

With our two different designs, the Apollo 600 and Apollo 100, you have the choice on your favorite product. No matter what you prefer, both they have in common – you chose high quality for a fair market price.

For more information about the helmets, please also follow this link https://www.clemco-international.com/en/blast-helmet

Try it and let us know your feedback. Contact us or your local distributor today!

Apollo 600 Blast Helmet
Apollo 100 Blast Helmet

Flexibility and mobility in one blast unit

Flexibility and mobility in one blast unit

Clemco has introduced a proven wet blast system with the Wetblast Flex that has continuously gained in popularity since its market launch.

With the Wetblast Flex Compact, we have further developed this system and adapted it to the conditions on site so that maximum mobility can be achieved while still retaining the flexibility of its big brother.

The Wetblast Flex is designed without an integrated water tank and is instead connected directly to an existing water source, such as a water pipe. The installed water pump provides the necessary water pressure for the entire system. With the omission of the water tank, the set-up is smaller and the frame construction with wheels as well as forklift pockets makes it very mobile. 

We have kept the flexibility of its big brother in terms of potential applications. Thanks to the installed control system, it is not only possible to blast wet - the typical application of the Wetblast Flex - it is also suitable for conventional dry blasting, as well as simple blowing off and washing down for cleaning the workpiece. 

The Wetblast Flex Compact therefore lives up to its name - flexible in use and particularly mobile due to its compactness.

Follow the link for more information with video:

Wetblast Flex Compact

From Silicone to natural rubber

New jacket - same quality

From Silicone to natural rubber

In 2022 Clemco takes the step away from silicone to natural rubber for the jacket of our nozzles with silicon- and boron carbide liner.

It is not only the current situation on the raw material market that encouraged us, it is also a contribution to greater sustainability.

You might already have used one of our natural rubber jacket nozzles and convinced yourself from its quality, if not be sure that our highest goal was to keep the known high Clemco quality. The change has no effect on liner and jacket quality, only the color differs slightly from the previous silicone jacket due to the new material.  

Contact your local distributor or Clemco directly for Clemco nozzles with natural rubber

(Production will be changed step by step, silicone jacket might be still current for some sizes)

From Silicone to natural rubber
From Silicone to natural rubber

Spotlight - Cart for Power Injector Gun

Available again - with new design

With the 2021 price list, we unfortunately had to remove the cart for the Power Injector gun from our catalog. However, we were still looking for an alternative and have now found it. We are pleased that we can offer this product to our partners and customers again.

The new cart is now made of a robust tubular steel frame. It is delivered unassembled and is ready for use in just a few steps. This way it can be shipped to all customers in a space-saving way.

The new large wheels make it the ideal choice for more difficult terrain.

Our Power Injector gun has been a popular alternative for certain jobs to the classic blasting pot for years.

Did you know that the performance of the Power gun can be compared to an 8mm pressure blasting nozzle? Powerful performance and high mobility characterize it and make it so popular.

For current prices, delivery times and orders please contact your sales representative or our customer service.

By the way, the old part numbers are valid again for the new car model:




For additional dust-reduced blasting, we recommend the extended Power Gun Universal with additional water supply.

Cart for Power Gun

CQT and CFT Iron Cast Coupling

Product update with new color

Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you that our CQT and CFT iron cast couplings were updated to the new market standard with a visible new color in yellow/gold.

The production will be converted to the yellow passivation process which makes the couplings even more durable on corrosion (according to DIN EN ISO 9227).

We already have sent the first new couplings with Yellow Passivation and in the near future all of our supplied CQT and CFT will be in the new standard.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay healthy,

Your Clemco International Team

Old and new CFT/CQT hose coupling

Spotlight HSP-20

Dustless Mobile Blast Unit

The HSP-20 is a dust free system, which was especially designed for blasting parts that cannot be blasted in a cabinet or blast room and where dust needs to be avoided. It is also suitable for small reworks and repairs in addition to prior blast processes.

The closed-cycle system vacuums used media and dust directly at the nozzle and separates dust and reusable media in the cyclone. The media automatically will be cleaned and delivered into the blast pot again.

See our HSP-20 video and learn more about its performance.

HSP-20 Dustless Blasting

Welcome 2021 - we are back in the office

See our 1960s training video

Dear Customers and Friends,

2021 has begun and we are back in the office. Our warehouses (Germany and intercompanies) are open again and we are looking forward to your inquiries, questions and orders.

2020 was certainly not easy for all of us, but we hope you had a good start to the new year and we wish you all the best for it!

We would like to start this year with a little retrospection – no, certainly not on 2020. Let’s get back to the 1960! Some might talk about the good old times, some might not remember and some even not born. Anyway, whatever your perspective is, enjoy the movie! Even though it’s an old film, we are pretty sure that there is still things that you might not have known, but still they are essential for a good surface result.

Again, all the best for 2021,

Your Clemco International Team


SA valve product news

rubberized versions

Dear Customers,

In the past, Clemco International has faced problems with the supply of the SA valves and these problems have increased in recent months.

As a result of this, Clemco has decided to remove the SA valves from our product range. You may already have seen in the 2020 pricelist that blast pots with SA valve are no longer available. This was the first step of our restructuring process.

Currently we are working on further steps to discontinue the SA valves from our product range. These steps include new solutions for our cabinets as well as conversion kits for old blast pots and cabinets that require spare parts supply.

However, at the moment we still can deliver SA valves (unrubberized) as a spare part for old machines. Please consider a longer delivery time in some cases.  

Due to the declined supply situation and to be able to offer the unrubberized valve as spare part we are forced to discontinue the rubberized SA valves from now on, as well as its rubberized SA valve spare parts. This will allow us to carry more stock for spare unrubberized valves and parts.

The following part numbers are no longer available:





We will keep you updated on the situation and inform you about further steps and solutions.

In the meantime, we would like to point out the Quantum K valve as an option for blast pots and kindly ask our distributors to promote blast pots with this valve instead of the SA valve. If you need technical information or support, please contact your sales representative or our customer service.

We regret that we cannot provide the rubberized SA valve any longer and the inconvenience this may cause.

Stay healthy,


Your Clemco International Team

SA metering valve
Quantum K metering valve

Spotlight on for our Set Up video

Set up guide for blast machine with equipment

Please see our new set up guide for single chamber blast pot with equipment of a standard system. The guide shows every step you need to do to run a Clemco blast system and it also provides useful hints for safe and economic blasting.

Please note that the video does not replace the owner´s manual, but it helps you to visualize the steps that you need to do.



Plug & Play abrasive system

Pulsar Blast Cabinets

Due to Covid-19 we are all limited in our travelling activities, no matter if visiting our families, friends or customers for installations.

However, there are still jobs that need to be done, also abrasive blast jobs.

With our Plug & Play PULSAR Blast Cabinets we provide a system which is easy to set up at your company, without help. You just need to connect the air supply with a 1” air hose and the E-supply with a 16A plug. Also fill the blast pot with abrasive media, push the ON button and you can start blasting. Don´t forget to have a look in the owner´s manual before.

It is as easy as it sounds.

The Pulsar cabinets are available in different sizes, for different jobs.

For further information just follow the link


Pulsar VI blast cabinet
Pulsar VI blast cabinet back
Pulsar II
Gate for cabinet door
Turntable with truck for Pulsar


Technical product update

We are continuously working on improving our products and so we did for the PT valve.

After improving the design of the springs in the PT valve a few years ago, our engineering reviewed the valve again with the result that the seal 100462 PT-PISTON GASKET (Pos. 3 in the price list/drawing) doesn´t fulfill its original function and is unnecessary for the current longer spring design.

Furthermore did we change the design of 90393D PT- SEAT (Pos. 10 in the price list/drawing) convenient to the new spring design.

All the currently used PT valves (bought between April 2008 and 2019) can be adapted to the new version of 90393D without problems. 100462 can be omitted as well. New PT valves that are ordered in 2020 were already changed to the new design and are confirm to the new standard.

If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us.

PT Valve

Nortec 2020 in Hamburg

Thank you for your visit

We would like to say thank you for your visit to all the customers, distributors and friends.

We had four interesting days with lots of expert talks, discussions, shoptalk and new networks. With a large variety of our products we could show or portfolio and support the touch and feel experience of the Clemco quality products. 

If you missed the fair just have an eye on our news page, we will announce them in time or contact us, maybe a authorized Clemco distributor has a fair right next to you.

Clemco Nortec 2020 Exhibition
Clemco Nortec 2020 Exhibition
Clemco Nortec 2020 Exhibition

Nortec 2020 in Hamburg

Visit us at the Nortec Fair in Hamburg

2020 has started and we are back in the office.

We hope that you all had a good start in the new year and wish you all the best for 2020.

Please remember that we are on the Nortec fair in Hamburg from 21.01 - 24.01.2020.

If you want to visit us and you need a ticket, please do not hesitate to contact us, just send an email to newsletter@clemco-international.com

Clemco Nortec 2020

The new CMS-4 carbon monoxide monitor

New Carbon Monoxide Monitor-Alarm replaces CMS-3

We upgraded our well known CMS-3 and replaced it by the new CMS-4.

Appearance and operation is almost identical to the CMS-3 unit, but the electronics of carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring were improved.  

From now on, we are starting the shipment of the new CMS-4, for larger quantities there might be some delivery times.

For your order please note the following article numbers:




25573D    CMS-3+4 TEST-GAS

For further information and a quick reference guide video, please have a look on our website by following the link below:


CMS-4 carbon monoxide monitor

Nortec 2020

Trade fair for manufacturers

Clemco International GmbH exhibits at the Nortec 2020 trade fair in Hamburg from 21.01.2020 to 24.01.2020.

We welcome all our customers and friends to visit us on our stand in Hall A4 / 131.

If you are planning to visit us, please write an email to newsletter@clemco-international.com and we will send you a (online) ticket once they are available.

For further information about the exhibition please visit https://www.nortec-hamburg.de/en/

Clemco Nortec 2020

Clemco Corporate Film

See the Clemco Corporate Film and get an insight on the Clemco philosophie, what we stand for and which products we offer.


Clemco Corporate Film

See the Clemco Corporate Film and get an insight on the Clemco philosophie, what we are standing for and our product range.


Product News

To avoid any misunderstandings because of new parts in your shipment, please take notice of some product changes that were done:

  • 01993I PETCOCK 1/4" was replaced with a new part, which has a larger outlet for better air release in emergencies.
  • 90258D CQB-0 BRASS COUPLING FOR 13 X 7 and 90257D CFB-0 BRASS COUPLING 1/2" are now made of stainless steel to improve the connectivity.

The implementation of the new parts will be done step by step, so you might still get the former parts at the moment. The prices have not been changed.

Furthermore we once more would like to guide your attention on our Revision set (price list page 78) for the standard System 7 and all 1 ¼” piped blast pots, which include all the parts that should be maintained regularly to guarantee a well working product with maximum performance.

What is included again?

Revision set only for blast pot 27237D (Pos. see price list drawing):

1x 90550D P-8-R Y-piece 1 ¼” rubber lined (Pos. 21)

2x 90551D P-31 Nipple 1 ¼” rubber lined (Pos. 22/24)

1x 90552D P-32 HEX nipple 1 ¼” rubber lined (Pos. 26)

1x 02329D Gasket for inspection door (Pos. 28)

1x 02321D Pop up valve with shaft (Pos. 29)

1x 99157D O-Ring with quaterlip (Pos. 30)

1x 90060D Gasket set RMS-2000

1x 91011D CFT iron cast coupling 1 ¼”

1x 00851D Gasket for CFT

1x 11202D Safety pin for CFT

2x 100715 RLX-III rubber button

1x 100085 Spring for RLX-III


Revision set for System 7 27236D, including all parts of 27237D plus:

1x 01295D O-Ring for HMS body (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 01335D Gasket for HMS (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 03561I Cover O-Ring for CPF (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 03547I CPF cartridge (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 08416D Gasket for CQP-2 (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 91025D NW-32 nozzle washer (only with Revision Set for System 7)

New Petcock valve on RMS remote control
CQB-o and CFB-0 coupling old vs. new coupling
Revision Set for blast pot
Revision Set for standard System 7

Interactive Clemco Product Brochure

Now available as interactive version

Get to know our interactive product brochure. You get the perfect overview of our complete product range with links for further information.


Clemco Brochure

Decontamination Blasting

Decontamination Blasting

As a result of the shift towards sustainable energy and the associated dismantling of nuclear power plants, we are facing new challenges in terms of both human resources and materials. With its decontamination blasting technology, Clemco is rising to the challenge and helping to bring about an energy revolution. Dry blasting contaminated steel and concrete parts is an effective way of achieving this objective while also ensuring maximum safety for users. We are already playing an active role in the field of decontamination blasting as a manufacturer.

For further information please klick link below.



Special Blast Cabinets - Engineered Solutions

Engineered by Clemco

Visit our new special cabinet overview and find the suitable blast cabinet for your project.

All the shown cabinets were built in the past and are designed by our engineers for the most economic solution. Of course we are able to do further customization, so please don´t hesitate to contact us if you find something suitable.


Clemco Special Cabinets


RLX-III dead man handle with Interlock

The RLX-III is a pneumatic dead man handle for the remote control of the blast pot. The safety aspect starts with this component in abrasive blasting and therefore CLEMCO gives a special attention on this part. It is not just our name on the product that brings you an extra plus in quality, it is also the manufacturing of high quality raw materials which ensure the highest safety for the operator.

However, CLEMCO also considers the aspect of usability and so we invented the RLX-III with interlock.

With the interlock you can fix the handle while you are blasting, so that the operator doesn´t need to press the dead man handle during the blast process. This saves time and energy as the operator doesn´t need to take care of pressing the dead man handle permanently during blasting. The design of the RLX-III with interlock also considers the safety aspect which is the actual benefit of a deadman handle. In any case of accident, when the operator drops the dead man handle, the interlock will disconnect and stop the blast process, just like the standard RLX-III.

This is an additional feature which makes the blast process more comfortable and because of that also more efficient.

Also have a look on https://www.clemco-international.com/en/rlx-iii-dear-man-handle-interlock for further information.

Try our RLX-III dead man handle with interlock and ask for item number 24366D (or 24388D for the electric version RLX-E).

RLX-III Deadman handle with interlock
RLX-III Handhebel mit Arretierung

Spotlight Spin XL

New pressure motor

Inner pipe blasting operations are getting more and more, especially for maintenance and repair work for oil, gas and water pipelines. The Clemco product range for inner pipe blast units is designed for pipes between 19 – 1500mm (3/4 – 60”) and the largest unit is the SPIN XL which is covering the largest diameter range with 400 – 1500mm.

Continuous improving of our products is one of our main intentions and so did our engineers with the SPIN XL.

The general function and efficiency still is the same, but the pressure motor for the nozzle rotation was improved. Compared to the blast head of the Spin Blast unit, which is rotating due to the return beam of the nozzle, the SPIN XL has an own pressure motor for consistent rotation of the nozzles even at and especially for large pipe diameters.

The new motor is an oil free motor, which doesn´t need an oiler etc. that must be added to the air supply. At the time when no oil is needed, the advantage is that no oil can get into the pipe which impurifies it and also the blast media.

The required air for the SPIN XL is now 10m³/min for 8mm nozzle and 15m³/min for 9,5mm nozzle.

For further information, please visit the SPIN XL Page and the owner´s manual


Inner pipe blast tool SPIN XL

Spotlight Wetblast

The new Wetblast Flex

Our all-in-one new Wetblast FLEX system gives you a maximum of convenience in just one unit. The Wetblast Flex set up is made for maximum flexibility with four different modes of operation:

  • Dry blasting (air and abrasive media)
  • Wet blasting (water, air and abrasive media)
  • Wash down (water and air)
  • Blow off (air)

With the steel frame, the integrated water pump and 500l water tank, the Wetblast Flex is not bound to a fixed position and continuous water supply. It can be used anywhere and just needs an adequate pressurized air supply. Another advantage of the Wetblast Flex set up is that the water will be added to the blast stream after the blast pot and metering valve, so that you do not need to clean the blast pot regularly after using. This is also a very economical handling for the blast pot.

The SC-2048 (140l) pressure blast pot and the CTSD-X-6 (9,5mm) nozzle gives you the performance you need for your specific blast job, whether for dry blasting or wet blasting.

For further information, please follow link to product sheet:


Wetblast Flex Wet Blasting Mobile Frame


Scaffolding Blast Cabinet

The Clemco Scaffolding Blast Cabinet is an engineered automatic cabinet. It is an excellent  solution to clean impure scaffolding parts. Adjustable for poles and platforms, the cabinet is very flexible and perfect to maintain your equipment.

Eight injector nozzles and flexible parametric blast programs are cleaning the scaffolding parts automatically.

Our engineers integrated a roller shutter door, which is not only space saving, but also time saving.

Thanks to our engineering capacities, the machine concept can be modified for similar parts.

For further information please contact us directly.

Automatic scaffolding blast cabinet
Scaffolding blast cabinet nozzles
Scaffolding blast cabinet parts receptacle
Scaffolding blast cabinet control panel

Clemco News and New Products

New Product - Revision Set

2017 has started and we would like to introduce our news area, where you can read interesting news from and about us and the abrasive blasting. We want to inform you about realised projects, new and updated products and general news. So visit our homepage and you are always up to date!

The current weather conditions are just perfect to introduce a new product in our portfolio, the Revision Set.

There are two different Revision Sets, one for our standard 1 ¼” blast pots (27237D) and one for our System 7 (with FSV or QK metering valve) (27236D).

The winter time is used by many operators to check their equipment and replace old gaskets etc. on the equipment and the Revision Set offers the needed parts for that. It helps to keep the blast pot in good condition and helps to extend the lifetime of the blast pot.

What is included?

1x 90550D P-8-R Y-piece 1 ¼” rubber lined (Pos. 21)

2x 90551D P-31 Nipple 1 ¼” rubber lined (Pos. 22/24)

1x 90552D P-32 HEX nipple 1 ¼” rubber lined (Pos. 26)

1x 02329D Gasket for inspection door (Pos. 28)

1x 02321D Pop up valve with shaft (Pos. 29)

1x 99157D O-Ring with quaterlip (Pos. 30)

1x 90060D Gasket set RMS-2000

1x 91011D CFT iron cast coupling 1 ¼”

1x 00851D Gasket for CFT

1x 11202D Safety pin for CFT

2x 100715 RLX-III rubber button

1x 100085 Spring for RLX-III


1x 01295D O-Ring for HMS body (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 01335D Gasket for HMS (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 03561I Cover O-Ring for CPF (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 03547I CPF cartridge (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 08416D Gasket for CQP-2 (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 91025D NW-32 nozzle washer (only with Revision Set for System 7)

For further information and prices, please contact your local distributor or Clemco directly.


Revision Set System 7
Revision Set Blast Pot 1 1/4"
Position Numbers