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Clemco Wetblast Flex

Wetblast FLEX

This high quality brand belongs to the product group “pressure blast systems”. Only the perfect configuration and match of all system components in a blast machine enable maximum blasting efficiency. Therefore Clemco offers an extensive and complete range of quality products.

Pressure Blast Systems

Wetblast FLEX

Our all-in-one Wetblast system gives you convenience you don´t get from traditional slurry systems. Its design, simplified set up and operation are made for an easier end-of-shift shutdown. By mixing the abrasive with water after the metering valve, there is no need to empty the blast machine with a messy water/abrasive mix. With the water injector after the metering valve, you can adjust the water/abrasive mix at any time. The all-in-one convenient design with fork lift pockets and lifting eyes makes the Wet Blast very flexible and mobile.

Area of application

wet blasting / vapour blasting (dust free)

dry blasting

wash off (just water)

Total dimension: W x H x D *2000 x 1500 x 800 mm
Weight *330 kg

blast pot (with cover)

water tank

water pump W-92 with filter and pressure regulator

abrasive cut-off switch

HMS moisture seperator

PT metering valve

RLX III handle with double funciton

Tank capacity140l (blast pot) + 500l (water tank)
Air consumption5m³/min at 6bar (9,5mm nozzle)
Water pressure2 - 4 bar (recommended)
Abrasive mediafor every common media

* +/- Values, may differ depending on configuration, arrangement and function.

Bedienungsanleitung/Owners Manual/ Instructions de Service