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Vacuum System MB 220 E3
with recycling system

This high quality brand belongs to the product group “industrial systems”. Specialized engineers develop tailor-made solutions according to the customer-relevant technical, safety and performance requirements in order to meet every challenge in the steel industry.

Closed cycle system components - Mobile blast tower system
Vacuum System MB 220 E3

The MB 220 E3 vacuum system is especially designed to refeed, recycle and reuse used abrasive media. The media is sucked back by the suction unit into a vacuum silo, where it is separated from dust by an air stream and thus cleaned. The vacuum silo is located directly above the blasting pot into which the recycled abrasive falls and can be reused immediately. The complete suction system is perfectly harmonized to each other and an additional pre-separator cyclone prevents the suction system from being excessively loaded by the dust. This increases the service life of the entire suction system and especially of the highly stressed suction system.

Continuous reuse of recycled abrasive media ensures economical operation with a recovery rate of up to 4 tons per hour over 10 meters (recommended). Despite its high performance, it is a compact system, which offers very high flexibility due to its small size and is ideal for applications with limited space. It can be used as a mobile unit or as an alternative to a bucket elevator in a blasting room

Area of application

abrasive media recovery system

Total dimension: W x H x D *

650 x 1765 x 1215 mm

Weight *

295 kg

Air consumption

220 m³/h at 0,27bar

Maximum blast hose length

10m (recommended)

Electrical specification

3x 400V, 50Hz

Power consumption

5,5 kW


cartridge filter for 2,5m²

* +/- Values, may differ depending on configuration, arrangement and function.

Bedienungsanleitung/Owners Manual/ Instructions de Service
Vacuum System MB 220 E3  with recycling system
Vacuum System MB 220 E3  with recycling system