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Blast Cabinets


Blast cabinets –

Precise, enclosed technology for compact spaces

A Clemco abrasive blast cabinet is ideal for the processing of small to medium sized workpieces. The sturdy yet compact design of Clemco’s cabinets ensures that a minimal amount of space and resources are required for simple, convenient blasting. The features built into each cabinet enable blasting with high efficiency and safe work conditions.



«Blast cabinets are offered with a massive range of option, and can be tailored to any customer’s needs. Clemco staff and distribution work closely with each and every customer to ensure the perfect solution is provided, with a guarantee of years of reliably high performance»

Clean design for reliable blasting

Clemco sets the standard for durable blast cabinets with high quality, consistence and performance. All cabinet sizes, from tabletop to mini blast rooms, are built using proven, high-quality components and longtime technical expertise.

Protected and versatile

All operators of Clemco blast cabinets are kept completely safe from the blast environment, interacting externally with the product inside the workchamber via sealed, durable work gloves. No dust particulate or airborne contaminant exits the blast cabinet, hence the cabinet presents no risk to any work environment or personnel. The cabinet can be used anywhere in a shop; forklift pockets and lifting eyes are provided to give the customer the flexibility to place the cabinet anywhere, anytime.

Compact and clean

All components of the blast operation: blasting, filtration and cleaning, are grouped in a compact modular collection in Clemco blast cabinets, allowing for maximum efficiency. All unused space in the cabinet housing is kept to a minimum to allow for both compact overall dimension and peak performance. Reclaim systems are contained in modular units and constructed of high-durability components to provide consistently high return of good media, while ensuring complete disposal of unusable media and debris as well as a complete lack of dust egress.

Safety and CE-compliance

All Clemco blast cabinets are equipped with protective door interlocks designed to immediately cut off the blast stream should one of the cabinet doors open. All power, control and safety components are CE-compliant.

Ergonomic, easy-access and flexible

Clemco cabinets are built to offer the widest range of operator comfort and usage options, while conforming to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. All lighting modules are placed outside the cabinet to offset fixture wear. Large-dimension doors grant easy access to large workpieces. Clemco offers a comprehensive range of optional components for parts loading and manipulation: turntables, additional gun mounts, parts fixtures, work carts and more. Clemco staff can match all appropriate options to nearly any part or product.

  • Compact footprint
  • Huge spectrum of applications
  • Carefully selected components and abrasive media
  • Environmentally-friendly performance
  • No operator protection required
  • Highly adaptable to different production environments
  • Available in either injection or pressurized blast models

Basic blast cabinet components