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Scaffolding Blast Cabinet

The Clemco Scaffolding Blast Cabinet is an engineered automatic cabinet. It is an excellent  solution to clean impure scaffolding parts. Adjustable for poles and platforms, the cabinet is very flexible and perfect to maintain your equipment.
Eight injector nozzles and flexible parametric blast programs are cleaning the scaffolding parts automatically.
Our engineers integrated a roller shutter door, which is not only space saving, but also time saving.

Thanks to our engineering capacities, the machine concept can be modified for similar parts.

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Clemco News and New Products

New Product - Revision Set

2017 has started and we would like to introduce our news area, where you can read interesting news from and about us and the abrasive blasting. We want to inform you about realised projects, new and updated products and general news. So visit our homepage and you are always up to date!

The current weather conditions are just perfect to introduce a new product in our portfolio, the Revision Set.

There are two different Revision Sets, one for our standard 1 ¼” blast pots (27237D) and one for our System 7 (with FSV or QK metering valve) (27236D).

The winter time is used by many operators to check their equipment and replace old gaskets etc. on the equipment and the Revision Set offers the needed parts for that. It helps to keep the blast pot in good condition and helps to extend the lifetime of the blast pot.

What is included?

1x 90550D P-8-R Y-piece 1 ¼” rubber lined (Pos. 21)

2x 90551D P-31 Nipple 1 ¼” rubber lined (Pos. 22/24)

1x 90552D P-32 HEX nipple 1 ¼” rubber lined (Pos. 26)

1x 02329D Gasket for inspection door (Pos. 28)

1x 02321D Pop up valve with shaft (Pos. 29)

1x 99157D O-Ring with quaterlip (Pos. 30)

1x 90060D Gasket set RMS-2000

1x 91011D CFT iron cast coupling 1 ¼”

1x 00851D Gasket for CFT

1x 11202D Safety pin for CFT

2x 100715 RLX-III rubber button

1x 100085 Spring for RLX-III


1x 01295D O-Ring for HMS body (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 01335D Gasket for HMS (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 03561I Cover O-Ring for CPF (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 03547I CPF cartridge (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 08416D Gasket for CQP-2 (only with Revision Set for System 7)

1x 91025D NW-32 nozzle washer (only with Revision Set for System 7)

For further information and prices, please contact your local distributor or Clemco directly.